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"With Bells On! is an enduring, endearing, comical tale and a much-appreciated dose of merry-merry that deserves its new-found place in the holiday canon."

—The Edmonton Journal


With Bells On is a two-person musical comedy that celebrates the holiday spirit by taking it to new heights!

One fateful Christmas Eve, Ted, a timid, middle-aged accountant is about to take an elevator to the roof to “end it all.” His efforts are suddenly interrupted by Natasha, the statuesque Drag Queen down the hall, dressed in the ultimate Christmas-Queen pageant outfit. When the elevator abruptly gets stuck between floors, both Ted’s plan and Natasha’s dream of competing for the title of “Christmas Queen” are in jeopardy. This unlikely duo is forced to work together to escape. Natasha is at first prickly and defensive. Ted is terrified but curious. Eventually native hostilities melt as they discover what they have in common–that deep down, they are not so different after all.

With Bells On is a holiday comedy for people who feel excluded from traditional Christmas entertainment.

Meet The Creative Team!

Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights

Get to know the minds behind the musical! From the creator of the original play, Darrin Hagen, to the musical storytelling of Tommy Newman and Devanand Janki, our team brings With Bells On to life.

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